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Holistic Health Coaching
Let go of self judgement, and being stuck in dieting yo-yo land, while using the power of self love to transform.

Holistic Health Coaching will help you set goals, recover from illness, lose weight, cleanse organs and tissues, transition to a plant based diet and have a regular exercise plan. You will learn about food combining, nutrient rich foods, juicing, green smoothies, super foods, whole foods, how to keep the toxins moving out and sustainable exercise.  Through the program you will free your mind for a sustainable way of eating and being.

This is not a restrictive, fasting or “diet” program. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, eat animal foods or are working with specific food requirements, Holistic Health Coaching will compliment your life.
If you have suffered from symptoms like aching joints, allergies, digestive issues, depression and even deeper older illnesses and you are ready for change, Holistic Health Coaching is the answer. Open to Health & Wellness, for a Juicy and Fulfilling Life!

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I am passionate about helping my clients feel better, and using all of the tools in my background as a yoga teacher, process coach and health enthusiast to help them achieve their goals.  I have personal experience with Epstein Barr and know that pain and toxicity can minimize enjoyment of life, so helping those who have a deeper illness is very dear to me.  I approach illness holistically with body-mind techniques and help my clients implement practices that allow their body to repair and clear illness and injury, while supporting their whole being.

Melissa has been studying and working in the whole health and healing arts since 1984. Her journey began in high school when a health crisis brought her to whole foods.  She has cooked in natural foods restaurants and retreats, and studied the major diets. Through years of studies Melissa has developed resources in nutrition, healing disease, superfood nutrition, self-hypnosis, plant spirit medicine, macrobiotics, ayurveda, raw foods, wild foods, cultured foods, food politics, permaculture gardening and the intuitive arts. Melissa also has been practicing yoga, teaching yoga and training yoga teachers for over 30 years. 

I loved my experience working with Melissa. She was very knowledgable and compassionate, and worked within my dietary restrictions and my ideals. I was impressed by her knowledge of nutrition and her ability to work with the emotional issues attached to diet. I gained a freedom from self judgement regarding my food choices and am finally able to find balance regarding food issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to move towards health and beyond the fad diet paradigm.” 

“Melissa ‘heard’ me when I spoke, was creative in coming up with a workable plan and followed up with me on a weekly basis following our meeting.  The best part: IT WORKED, it worked because the plan was very doable for me, it took what Melissa knew/shared and used the parts that I  could weave into my life and maintain as a ‘life change’. I shed 20+ pounds, I have more energy, and I feel good about myself.” 

I offer programs, events, introductory speaking engagements for groups and individual Holistic Health Coaching geared to your unique genetics and needs. Coaching fees are $175 for the first month, $125 per follow up month with intake and recommendations, weekly phone sessions, and email support.  The first session takes about an hour after completing the intake form.  Weekly check-ins are 20 to 30 minutes.  Deep Transformation 6 month coaching package discount $700 ($800 value).  Drop in coaching sessions $125.